5 Amazing Natural Health Herbs You Want to Keep at Home

Many traditional cultures still use herbs primarily for medicinal reasons, and many of them swear by the efficacy of their herbal potions. While there may be a bit of a tendency for those of us brought up around conventional western medicine to smirk at these traditional methods of healing, the truth is that even our so-called scientific medicine derived from such origins. Indeed, science is now validating the healing power of many herbs that were previously considered merely superstitious traditional sops to sicknesses. Here are 5 of the most amazing natural herbs you may want to keep in the family medicine cabinet, as an alternative to the pills and syrups you often take when ill.

  • Ginger – This Asian flavoring is more than an aromatic spice: it is also a great medical herb. It can be taken to relieve stomach upsets, as it blocks serotonin’s effects, leading to a far lower likelihood of vomiting during sickness, pregnancy, or nausea. The herb may also be good for your circulatory system, as it helps regulate the flow of blood in the body.
  • Holy Basil – Do you suffer often from stress, indigestion, or headaches? Holy basil may be just the ticket, then. This plant can be prepared in a tea that relieves these problems very effectively, reducing serotonin, adrenalin, and noradrenalin levels in the body.
  • St. John’s Wort – This herb is getting more and more popular as word spreads of its astounding benefits. St. John’s Wort is an excellent herb to have around the house if you have someone who suffers from or is prone to suffering from depressive episodes, as many studies indicate that St. John’s Wort is as effective as conventional medications—like Prozac, for example—when it comes to treating this problem. It may also be good for those with insomnia, as it has melatonin, which helps regulate circadian rhythms.
  • Garlic – Well, we all know garlic is good for cooking, but it is also good for lowering your chances of getting cancer. Besides that, it can be of benefit to those striving to improve their cardiovascular health.
  • Kratom – An intriguing herb that can sedate and stimulate at the same time, it is also a very good analgesic, even being used to replace small doses of morphine on occasion.

Legalizing Kratom in Thailand?

KratomThe government of Thailand has recently opened yet again the possibility of legalizing the use of kratom. It was banned in the country 70 years ago after the plant has been found to be very addictive. Today, however, Thailand is attempting to legalize kratom due the population’s growing use and dependence on crystal meth.

Meanwhile in the US, more and more studies are being conducted on the positive uses and effects of kratom. It is believed to help drug addicts to be weaned from addiction. Based on research including those conducted by the University of Massachusetts Medical School, many believe kratom is a safe alternative to methadone in treating opioid addictions.

Before the ban, early kratom users in Thailand ate the leaves to stimulate manual labor while maintaining a pleasant mood. They were subjected to challenging work situations and therefore needed a kind of stimulant drug to get them going.

Kratom pertains to the leaves of Mitragyna speciosa, which is endemic to South-East Asia, more particularly in Thailand. It has been used as a drug for centuries. The leaves were either chewed and eaten or dried and crushed for smoking. Some users in Thailand juice the leaves and mix it with cough syrup to produce a potent beverage called “4×100”.

Today, it is widely sold in the US as leaf powder, gel caps and tea. People purchase these to feel relaxed since it has mild analgesic properties. It acts similarly to morphine and opium, and therefore has been used to combat opioid addiction. According to research, most purchases are made by people 30 to 40 years old, although kratom is becoming more and more popular among American college students.

While kratom users and believers are making strides in Thailand, its legalization in the US or elsewhere in the world might take a considerable amount of time and a great deal of modern research to come about. The US Drug Enforcement Administration has stated that kratom has no legitimate medical use and is known to have psychoactive properties. It is also illegal in Australia, Myanmar and Malaysia, and virtually unknown in many other countries in the world.

You must take these information as consideration about Kratom:

Importance of House Signs

As a child, I used to wonder what the big deal is about these house signs. Surely my friends and relatives wouldn’t have any problems looking for my home without these plaques. I could just easily write my address on a piece of paper, along with additional directions, and they would be at my doorstep in an instant, provided that they have followed my directions, of course. Now, as an adult, I am beginning to realize that these plaques are not just for aesthetic functions.

House signs, I soon found out, helped my mailmen to deliver my posts and packages to me without having the need to ask the neighbours where I live. Even if the plaque contains just a house number, I’m pretty sure that these public servants would know instantly that the recipient of the mail lives inside a house or not. Believe me, if I were a mailman, I reckon that I will feel much closer and warmer to a client whose house signs are easily visible. This would save me time and energy. I’m certain my friends and relatives would appreciate the presence of this little fixture, as well, especially those who are not really a fan of asking strangers for directions.

Most of these house signs are made from iron and stone materials, which are said to last forever. Indeed, I have seen some of these plaques that are as old as the houses they’re affixed to, if not older.

I have also come across an article that says that house signs have other uses aside from being a beacon of light for those who are lost. Many say that having this sign on your doors, gates, or walls automatically gives your neighbours, visitors, and passers-by the feeling that they are welcome in your home. The very presence of this fixture serves as a first impression to outsiders.

Some even claim that using house signs are effective means to display your personality to people. Many home owners do not like the idea that there are neighbours who have the same style of plaques, and so this similarity encourages them to personalize the signs. In my case, my home sign is customized in the sense that its colours compliment the style of my house. I also put in a little bit of me in there, as seen from the designs and images that I drew there myself.