Importance of House Signs

As a child, I used to wonder what the big deal is about these house signs. Surely my friends and relatives wouldn’t have any problems looking for my home without these plaques. I could just easily write my address on a piece of paper, along with additional directions, and they would be at my doorstep in an instant, provided that they have followed my directions, of course. Now, as an adult, I am beginning to realize that these plaques are not just for aesthetic functions.

House signs, I soon found out, helped my mailmen to deliver my posts and packages to me without having the need to ask the neighbours where I live. Even if the plaque contains just a house number, I’m pretty sure that these public servants would know instantly that the recipient of the mail lives inside a house or not. Believe me, if I were a mailman, I reckon that I will feel much closer and warmer to a client whose house signs are easily visible. This would save me time and energy. I’m certain my friends and relatives would appreciate the presence of this little fixture, as well, especially those who are not really a fan of asking strangers for directions.

Most of these house signs are made from iron and stone materials, which are said to last forever. Indeed, I have seen some of these plaques that are as old as the houses they’re affixed to, if not older.

I have also come across an article that says that house signs have other uses aside from being a beacon of light for those who are lost. Many say that having this sign on your doors, gates, or walls automatically gives your neighbours, visitors, and passers-by the feeling that they are welcome in your home. The very presence of this fixture serves as a first impression to outsiders.

Some even claim that using house signs are effective means to display your personality to people. Many home owners do not like the idea that there are neighbours who have the same style of plaques, and so this similarity encourages them to personalize the signs. In my case, my home sign is customized in the sense that its colours compliment the style of my house. I also put in a little bit of me in there, as seen from the designs and images that I drew there myself.